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WebAssign is a web-based assessment application that delivers, collects, and grades homework. I've developed custom question types and have made various presentations about WebAssign. References are given below.

Matrix Question Type Matrices in the form [[1,2,3][4,5,6]] can be graded in WebAssign using JavaScript. A Perl function is used to generate a random matrix, and a Perl module is used to do matrix algebra. JavaScript functions are used to convert a matrix object to a TI formatted string or a WebAssign formated string.
Physlet Vector Grader A Physlet and additional JavaScript functions can be used to grade students' drawings of vectors.
Understanding WebAssign This document discusses web-based homework and compares WebAssign to other web-based homework or testing systems, in general. It may help you decide whether WebAssign is the right tool for you.
Extending WebAssign Presentation given to the WebAssign Users Group meeting 2004. It describes the basics of writing Java or JavaScript question types.
MICDS WebAssign Workshop This is the handout for the MICDS WebAssign workshop in July, 3009

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