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I use LaTeX on Mac OS X for all of my documents. Here are links to my favorite LaTeX software, packages, and tutorials.

TeXShop A great IDE for writing LaTeX. It uses pdftex to produce pdf documents from the LaTeX source.
BibDesk Software for Mac OS X that helps you add entries to your BibTeX files.
Equation Editor Software for Mac OS X that uses LaTeX to organize libraries of equations and export the equations as pdf files.
CTAN archive of LaTeX packages The best place to find a package you are looking for.
examdesign A document class for writing exams.
moreverb A package for inserting code, with tabs, in a document.
hyperref A package useful for making hyperlinks in your pdf documents.
How to use LaTeX for presentations The best site I've found for using LaTex to make presentations. I'll never use PowerPoint again!

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