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NSC111 - Physical Science


An introductory study of the basic concepts of physical sciences, especially physics and chemistry. Laboratory work emphasizes the application of the scientific method to understanding physical reality. Four or six hours credit. Three class hours; three laboratory hours. Satisfies the laboratory science requirement and is recommended for the student who seeks a single semester course. Pre or co requisite: MTH 105 or 131.

I teach this course as a guided-inquiry course using Physics by Inquiry by Lillian McDermott. According to McDermott, "Physics by Inquiry has been designed for courses in which the primary emphasis is on discovering rather than on memorizing and in which teaching is by questioning rather than by telling. Such a course allows time for open-ended investigations, dialogues between the instructor and individual students, and small group discussions. A major goal is to help students think of physics not as an established body of knowledge, but rather as an active process of inquiry in which they can participate."

In one semester, students study selected topics from units on Properties of Matter, Electric Circuits, Magnets, and Motion.

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