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Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Dark Doodad Nebula
For photo credits and description, go to Nasa APOD.


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Phone: 336-841-4668

8/27/12     Tracker Digital Libraries added

I added a Tracker Digital Libraries page. I also added additional links on the sidebar.

5/17/10     HPU physics web site updated

Check out the new web site for the HPU Physics program.

5/17/10     Videos posted

We are doing a number of labs and projects using high-speed video. Some of the videos and Logger Pro files are posted on the video analysis page.

7/29/04     Assessment Analysis released

The first public release of Assessment Analysis just rolled out. You can download source code or just use the program.

7/19/04     Canonical Spaceship posted

You can download my first OSP project, Canonical Spaceship, from the osp page. It's a lot of fun.

7/5/04     Site redesigned

My old web site got on my nerves. Welcome to my new web site. The style sheet is based on Gunther. I considered using PHP to develop a template-based site. However, I didn't find what I wanted. I considered using server-side includes, but I finally settled on using BBEdit and its site template tools. It's not dynamic, but I can change a template and update my site which is what I wanted.

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