Research Tools


    collection of online abstracts and publications in astronomy and astrophysics

  • Astro-ph arXiv

    archive of papers, abstracts, etc., in astronomy & astrophysics; updated daily M-F; Warning: many of the papers uploaded to the arXiv have not been refereed

  • ViZier

    provides access to published astronomical catalogues; you can search for all objects with catalogued magnitudes, spectra, proper motions, parallaxes, etc. within some coordinate range

  • Exoplanet Research

    overview of the field of exoplanet research

  • Digitized Sky Survey (DSS)

    download digitized images of any part of the sky; great for creating finder charts of targets

  • SDSS DR8 Finding Chart Tool

    Sloan digital sky survey (optical) images of the sky

  • GALEXView

    GALEX ultraviolet (UV) images of the sky

  • USNO Tables

    Sun/moon rise times and twilight times

  • Binary Stars and Masses

    document explaining the mechanics of binary stars


  • Spyder Python IDE

    Spyder is the Scientific PYthon Development EnviRonment: a powerful interactive development environment for the Python language. UNC has a great beginner's Spyde/Pythong tutorial here and others here.

  • Ureka

    Ureka is a collection of useful astronomy software that is generally centered around Python and IRAF.

  • ImageTOOLSca

    package for viewing/processing FITS images in Windows

  • Greg Laughlin's systemic console

    console package for characterizing exoplanets, fitting orbits to RV curves, etc.

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