PHY 2100 - An introduction to the major aspects of electronics theory and practice found in scientific and computer instrumentation. Topics include DC and AC circuit analysis, diodes and the PN junction, bipolar junction transistors, transistor amplifiers, operational amplifiers, integrated circuits, analog to digital converters, and digital logic. Four credits (6 hours of integrated lecture and lab). Prerequisites: MTH 1420. Offered Spring.

Office Hours - TBD

SBG Score Assignment

  • L.ORG, L.CLEAN, T.Math - I will assess you at random throughout the semester (in class). I will use the average assessment score when calculating your overall course grade.
  • Other Standards - For all other standards, I will calculate your score for each standard in one of two ways: (1) if your most recent score is the highest, I will use it, or (2) if your most recent score is not the highes (your standard score decreased), I will take the average of all scores for that particular standard.

SBG Re-Assessment Rules

  • You can only re-assess three standards per week
  • 48 hour notice is required to re-assess any standards
  • April 29th (reading day) is the last day re-assessments will be allowed.

Course Schedule & Assignments

Course Documents

  • Syllabus - information about the course
  • Standards - standards by which you will be assessed in the course and ways to determine whether you have mastered them.


Useful Software

  • Tracker Software - tracker software for video analysis; free download.
  • PHET - online, interactive physics simulations