General Physics I Lab (Summer 2014)

This laboratory accompanies the first course of the two-course sequence of introductory (algebra-based) physics. Inquiry sessions will cover topics in linear and rotational motion, forces and acceleration, static fluids, momentum, conservation of momentum, and conservation of energy.


Damon Smith is the official tutor for PHY 1510 and will be available Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights 7-9 PM on the 4th floor of the library (in the main tutoring area).


We will use WebAssign for submitting lab reports. You can self-enroll for WebAssign at this link. When you self-enroll, our course ID is: highpoint 7752 3863. Please note that this is a different webassign page than the lecture course PHY1510. Once you've signed up for WebAssign, use the link at the left to access the page and log in.

Lecture Course

The PHY-1510 course is completely separate from the PHY-1511 laboratory course. For information on the lecture course, go to this website.

Lab Reports

Lab reports (post-lab assignments on WebAssign) are due at 11:25am the day after the inquiry session. For example, we will carry out a friction lab on 5 Jun, and the WebAssign lab assignment on friction is due at 11:25am on 6 Jun (the next day).

Tentative Schedule

M-T-W-Th-F, 2:15-4:15pm, Congdon 130

2 JunGraphing Motion
3 JunRelationship Between Force, Mass, and Acceleration
4 JunNewton's Three Laws of Motion CanonicalSpaceship.jar
5 JunAn Investigation of Friction
6 Jun
9 JunProjectile motion Juggler.flv Project Motion Physlet
10 JunFluid Pressure and Buoyancy
11 JunUniform Cicular Motion
12 Jun
13 Jun
16 JunTorque
17 JunStatic Equilibrium
18 JunMomentum Baseball.mov
19 JunConservation of Momentum 1D-collision-carts.flv
20 Jun
23 JunConservation of Energy
24 JunHooke's Law and Elastic Potential Energy
25 JunIndependent Investigation
26 JunNo Meeting (Lecture Final)
27 Jun


Course Documents

  • Syllabus - information about the course

Useful Links

  • WebAssign - course management system for PHY-1510
  • Khan Academy - a useful series of videos convering a wide variety of topics in physics. Please note that some of these videos use calculus to explain the physics, which is beyond the scope of this course.