General Physics I (Summer 2014)

This is the first course of the two-course sequence of introductory (trigonometry-based) physics. We cover selected topics in classical mechanics including linear and rotational motion, forces, torque, momentum, and energy. Applications include linear motion, projectile motion, uniform circular motion, static equilibrium, and static fluids.


Damon Smith is the official tutor for PHY 1510 and will be available at Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights 7-9 PM. Tutoring will be held at the main tutoring area on the 4th floor of the library on campus.
Dr. Barlow will be available in Congdon 130 from 4-5pm and 11-11:25am MTWThF


We will use WebAssign for homework submissions and for access to the course's electronic textbook. You can self-enroll for WebAssign at this link. When you self-enroll, our course ID is: highpoint 2236 8072. Please note that the PHY-1511 lab has its own separate WebAssign page.

Inquiry Sessions (Lab)

The PHY-1511 Lab course is completely separate from the PHY-1510 lecture course. For information on the lab course, go to this website.


Essential Physics by Andrew Duffy, 1st edition. An electronic version of this textbook is available online through WebAssign. We will refer to this book as "DUFFY" throughout the semester.

Daily Schedule

M-T-W-Th-F, 11:25am-2:00pm, Congdon 130

2 JunPosition, Displacement, Velocity, Uniform Motion DUFFY: 1.1-1.3, 2.1-2.4
3 JunAcceleration

Fancart Videos:
DUFFY: 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8
4 JunNewton's 2nd Law (1D); Mass vs. Weight
DUFFY: 3.1-3.3
5 JunNewton's Laws of Motion
DUFFY: 3.4-3.8
6 JunVectors; Newton's 2nd Law (2D)
DUFFY: 1.4-1.6
9 JunEXAM 1 and Motion in 2D
Sample Equation Sheet
10 JunFriction & Projectile Motion
DUFFY: 4.4-4.6
11 JunMore Projectile Motion / Pressure / Density
Densities of Common Substances
DUFFY: 9.1-9.2
12 JunBuoyancy / Pressure / Archimedes' Principle DAY_9_LECTURE_PROBLEMS_WITH_SOLUTIONS.pdf DUFFY: 9.3-9.5
13 JunUniform Circular Motion / Law of Gravitation
DUFFY: 5.5,5.6,5.8
16 JunEXAM 2 / Gravity and Orbits
Sample Equation Sheet
17 JunTorque, Center of Gravity, Static Equilibrium DUFFY: 10.4-10.5; 10.10-10.12
18 JunImpulse and Momentum, Conservation of Momentum
DUFFY: 6.1-6.3
19 JunWork, Kinetic Energy, and Potential Energy
DUFFY: 6.5
20 JunConservation of Energy
DUFFY: 7.1-7.3
23 JunEXAM 3
Sample Equation Sheet
24 JunHooke's Law \ Elastic Potential EnergyDUFFY: 12.1-12.3
25 JunIntro to Simple Harmonic Motion \ Final Exam Review DUFFY: 12.4 - 12.6
26 JunFINAL EXAM (1:30-4:30pm)
*Textbook sections listed for a particular date are to be read before coming to class on that date. For example, you are to read section 2.5 in the Duffy textbook before coming to class on Tuesday, June 3rd.

Course Documents

  • Syllabus - information about the course

Useful Links

  • WebAssign - course management system for PHY-1510
  • Table of Densities - densities of common substances
  • Khan Academy - a useful series of videos convering a wide variety of topics in physics. Please note that some of these videos use calculus to explain the physics, which is beyond the scope of this course.
  • Tracker Software - tracker software for video analysis; free download.
  • PHET - online, interactive physics simulations