Matter & Interactions 2nd ed. Practice Problems
Aaron Titus | High Point University
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(N)=# of solutions

Documentation for submitting problems and solutions

To submit a problem and solution to the database, please do the following:

  1. write the problem and solution in a single latex file
  2. email the latex file along with
    1. a question title
    2. author name (if different from your own)
    3. both the chapter and section from the textbook that the problem and solution pertains to
    4. associated images

to Aaron Titus (titus at In general, results are best when you use a small set of LaTeX commands since only a few commands will be correctly converted to HTML. See the documentation below for specific commands that can be used.


Tips for including images
Supported LaTeX Commands (for HTML Conversion)


Standard LaTeX packages may be used. The following additional packages may also be used. For HTML files, all inline math commands must be enclosed by $ $ even if commands use \ensuremath. If you find that certain command is not properly converted to HTML, please alert Aaron Titus so that the php parser for converting the command to html can be added to the site.

  • SIunits
  • hyperref
  • cancel
  • moreverb
  • mandi (by Joe Heafner; download)

    The mandi package requires:

    • fontenc
    • textcomp
    • listings
  • mysty (by Aaron Titus; download; most useful commands have been moved to titus)
  • titus (by Aaron Titus; download; useful commands for M & I math and units; requires mandi by Joe Heafner

Example LaTeX questions and solutions.

These are examples of problems and solutions written in LaTeX.

Tips for including images

  • Example LaTeX code for inserting an image.

    \caption{image caption.}

    As of this time, \label and \ref{label} are not supported for referring to equations or images in the html, though it will be rendered fine in the pdf file of the solution.

  • images should be in the same folder as the LaTeX file.

Supported LaTeX Commands (for HTML Conversion)

  • \begin{equation}

    to centered <img>

  • \begin{eqnarray*} 

    to centered <img>

  • \begin{mathdisplay} 

    to centered inline math <img>

  • $$
    to inline <img> with no line breaks
  • \\
    to <br>
  • \emph{}
    to <i></i>
  • {\bf }
    to <b></b>
  • \image{filename}{caption}
    to <img>. This command comes from the titus package and makes it easy to insert images.
  • \begin{figure}[htbp]
    \caption{image caption.}

    is converted to <img>

    column 1 & column 2\\
    \caption{Table Caption}

    is converted to <table></table>

  • \begin{enumerate}
    to <ol> <li> ...</ol>
  • \begin{itemize}
    to <ul> <li> ...</ul>
  • \href{URL}{text}
    to <a> href="URL" > text </a>
  • --
    to html dash
  • \begin{verbatim}
    to <pre> ... </pre>
  • \begin{verbatimtab}
    to <pre> ... </pre>
  • \begin{vpythonblock}

    to <pre> ... </pre>. This command comes from Joe Heafner's mandi package.

  • \texttt{...}
    to <code> ... </code>
Commands like \noindent and \pagebreak are removed when converting to HTML.