Matter & Interactions 2nd ed. Practice Problems
Aaron Titus | High Point University
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2m20001     Induced emf in a coil due to a changing magnetic field     2m20001
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A coil of 100 turns and radius 2 cm is in a uniform magnetic field as shown below. The magnetic field changes with time according to the graph.

Figure: A coil in a uniform magnetic field.

  1. What is the emf induced around the coil?
  2. If the coil has a resistance of , what is the current in the coil?
  3. In what direction will current flow in the coil?
  4. What is the direction of the electric field (i.e. the curly electric field) that is induced by the changing magnetic field, at point P (which is located in a +z plane, out in front of the page)?


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