Matter & Interactions 2nd ed. Practice Problems
Aaron Titus | High Point University
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2ia0001     Potential difference, electric field, drift speed, and current for two wires connected in series.     2ia0001
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A 1.5 V battery is connected to two copper wires that are connected together in series, as shown below. Wire 1 has a diameter of 1 mm and a length of 0.5 m. Wire 2 has a diameter of 2 mm and the same length as Wire 1. The mobile electron density of copper n is , and the electron mobility in copper u is .

Figure: Circuit with a battery and two copper wires of different diameters connected in series.

  1. What is the potential difference across each wire?
  2. What is the electric field in each wire?
  3. What is the drift speed of mobile electrons in each wire?
  4. What is the current through each wire?


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