Matter & Interactions 2nd ed. Practice Problems
Aaron Titus | High Point University
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2d30001     Electric field of a point particle; electric force     2d30001
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The high temperature of the Sun's corona ionizes iron atoms so that there are a significant number of Fe ions in the corona. (This notation indicates that a neutral iron atom has lost 11 electrons.) Suppose that an Fe ion is at the location . What is the net electric force on an electron that is at the location ?




Sketch a picture of the situation, showing the iron ion and electron.

Figure: Iron ion and electron and their position vectors.

The plan is to first calculate the the electric field due to the iron ion at the location of the electron using

Then, calculate the force on the electron due to the electric field.

The position of the electron relative to the iron ion is

The magnitude of is

The unit vector is

The electric field due to the iron atom at this location is

The force on the electron due to the electric field at this location is