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PHY1050      Astronomy of Stars, Galaxies, and the Cosmos
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It's important that we have clear communication regarding our expectations at the beginning of the course. Besides those things already listed here in the Course Introduction, please know the following:

This is a 4 credit hour course that meets 2.5 hours per day for 4 weeks. In addition, you are expected to spend at least 25 hours per week outside of class reading, doing homework, and studying. That is approximately 5 hours per day. Manage your time.

Using technology for the course means that some technical problems or errors might occur. Please ask me for help as soon as you find any errors on the web site or on WebAssign.

Also, please provide feedback on lessons using the feedback form at the end of each lesson. This will help me improve the web site.

Familiarity with a computer is a required component of the course. You must be able to use email and a web browser. Furthermore, you must be able to learn new software if given some instruction. Finally, you must be able to ask questions or be able to solve technical problems if they occur.

If you have any technical difficulties accessing any element of this course, you should ask for help and solve the problem immediately. Technical problems are not an excuse for missing part of the course.

Finally, keep up with homework and lab reports every day. Extensions on homework and lab assignments will not be given.

Understanding of Expectations



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