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PHY1050      Astronomy of Stars, Galaxies, and the Cosmos
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Chapter 3-4

Read Chapters 3-4 from Discovering Astronomy.


WebAssign -- Chapters 3-4. Answer homework questions covering Chapters 3-4.


Where does Sun rise and set and what path will it take as it crosses the sky?

When will Moon rise and set and what will it look like?

What are the paths of stars as they cross the night sky during the night?

How does the night sky look different from month to month or season to season?

Why is it hotter in the summer than in the winter? That is, why do we have seasons?

Those are some of the questions that we'll answer in this chapter. But the goal is not to memorize the answers to these questions. The goal is to understand the answers to the questions by developing and applying a scientific model.