Dr. Aaron Titus | Department of Physics, High Point University
PHY1050      Astronomy of Stars, Galaxies, and the Cosmos
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Welcome to the course web site for Aaron Titus' section of PHY 1050 at High Point University. The course meets in person for lecture, in-class activities, labs, and observing sessions; however, many of the course materials are available through this web site.

This course will have the following features:

  • readings from Discovering Astronomy, 6th edition, by S. Shawl, G. Byrd, S Deustua, M. Lopresto
  • homework, quizzes, and exams automatically delivered and graded on WebAssign
  • interactive astronomy simulations
  • video tutorials
  • text messaging for announcements and reminders
  • travel to various observatories and a planetarium
  • tutorials
  • laboratory exercises including CLEA simulations and data analysis

Now, proceed to the Course Introduction.