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Factor Analysis Documentation

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Enter data

Enter your test data into the textarea box in a tab-delimited format. It is easiest to do this by copying and pasting data from a spreadsheet.

Data should be formatted as shown below. It should NOT include scores, but rather just the raw data. The first line contains the question numbers on the test. The second line contains the answer key. Subsequent lines are students' names and responses.

	Name	1	2	3	4	5

	Key 	b	e	d	d	c

	name1	c		c	c	c

	name2	d	b	e	c	d

	name3	d	e		e	e

	name4	a	b	d	e	c

	name5	d	a	d	c	c

You can include as many questions as you want and as many students as you want. Blank responses should be included since the program handles them accordingly.

Brief Explanation of Factor Analysis

The results of a factor analysis calculation are presented in a table. The columns of this table (headed by letters) represent the factors identified by the analysis. The rows represent the variables that the factors affect and are named as the variables in the input matrix.

The numbers in the table represent the loadings of each factor to each variable. A factor loading can be thought of as the amount which that factor contributes to the values presented by a variable. The higher the factor loading, the more that factor contributes to the value of that variable.

For example, a factor loading close to 1 means that when the specified factor is high (or low), the corresponding variable is also high (or low).

Remember, factor analysis provides NO insight into the interpretation of the factors. That is, it does not tell you what the factors are, only that they exist.